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All the teams have already qualified for the third round of the World Football Cup

World football cup
World Football Cup
: Iran IR, UAE and Saudi Arabia won their groups


Asian World Football Cup Teams


The 12 survivors will now battle it out for 4 1/2 places. The second stage of the Asian qualifiers for the 2022 FIFA World Football Cup ended today with 14 matches, fun88 app after which the 12 countries that will play in the third phase were defined. There, four and a half places for the world soccer showpiece will be at stake.

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Originally, the winners of the online teen patti real money 8 groups and the 4 best runners-up would advance to the next round. However, as Qatar won its zone, but qualified for the World Football Cup as host country, the World Cup other 7 group winners, plus the 5 best runners-up, qualified for the next stage.

So, the IR of Iran, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia won their zones and joined Japan, Syria, Australia and Korea Republic, who had done so in previous rounds for the World Football Cup.

The last results established that the top five runners-up were China PR, Oman, Iraq, Vietnam and Lebanon.
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  • Tajikistan 4-0 Myanmar
  • Japan 5-1 Kyrgyz Republic
  • India 1-1 Afghanistan
  • Philippines 1-1 Maldives
  • Iran IR 1-0 Iraq
  • Bahrain 4-0 Hong Kong
  • Thailand 0-1 Malaysia
  • UAE 3-2 Vietnam
  • Australia 1-0 Jordan
  • Bangladesh 0-3 Oman
  • Saudi Arabia 3-0 Uzbekistan
  • Palestine 3-0 Yemen
  • PR China 3-1 Syria
  • Chinese Taipei 1-2 Kuwait

How to choose the best bookmaker to bet on the World Football Cup?

There is nothing more exciting than betting on soccer when the World Football Cup takes place. However, it is so important to choose a good bookie before you start placing gambles on your favorite teams.

Every four years the world sets its eyes on this great event of the king of sports, the World Football Cup. Being a soccer championship of such magnitude, it becomes the perfect scenario for bettors.

The World Football Cup consists of several matches where different soccer teams face each other. Each match is an opportunity for bettors to stake on their teams.

To bet on the World Football Cup you only need a sports bookmaker; and of course, to master the sport. Choosing a good bookmaker is not so easy, but if some factors are considered, it may be easier to choose the best option.

Types of bets in the World Cup

Soccer is one of the most pursued sports by betting fans. It comes to the World Football Cup it is no different, but much more exciting to have several clashes of different teams so close together. Some ways you can bet on are:

    • Betting on the favorite teams of the World Football Cup
    • Betting on the favorite teams of the event, winning team in each match.
    • How many goals each team will score.
    • Goals in the first half and in the second half.
    • Winner of the match.
    • Knowing the important players.

Knowing the history of the teams


It is about knowing the statistics of the teams that are going to face each other. Knowing what their last matches have been like, results and more. This will allow the bettor to gather important information to place his bets.

Learning the rules of the game

Soccer is a sport with rules, and it is important for the bettor to know them. The more you know about the sport, the better your bets will be.

Zero emotions in betting

This advice is valid for any type of bet, that is, for any sport. However, soccer is the sport that arouses the most emotion in players and this could be a double-edged sword. It is not enough to bet on the favorite team, if it has several defeats or its main players are injured, it will not be the best decision. Therefore, the bet must be based on statistics and a deep analysis of everything.

Live betting

Usually when betting the player goes for the conventional, but a way to be more successful could be to try another way. This type of betting is not only a way to follow the match, but also to get good odds and other advantages.

Sports bookmaker options

During the World Cup, bookmakers focus on this sporting event. Most of them offer different betting options. In addition, if the bettor registers with several bookmakers, he can have many more betting options.

Brief history of the World Cup

The World Cup has been celebrated for many years. To be more specific, it started in 1930. Since its inception it was held without any problem, but due to the Second World War it was suspended in 1942 and 1946. Now it is known as the World Cup, but in its beginnings, it was not like that. Before, its name was World Football Championship.

Also called FIFA World Cup or World Cup. FIFA is the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, which began in 1904. One of the great or major institutions that governs the sport worldwide.

Basic strategies for bettors

    1. Plan your capital: It is necessary for the gambler to manage his money correctly. To do so, he must decide how much he will invest in a bet. This is valid for beginners and experts. It is not wise to place all your money in one area, and it is important to insure and leave a reserve.
    3. It is important to start small: You should not bet too much to avoid big risks. Only have an amount you can afford to lose. You should be prepared for that. Remember that inexperienced bettors are learning and that could happen. As long as you see positive results, your strategy can change as you see the moves you have made and their effectiveness. This way you will build your own plan little by little but protecting your money from the beginning.
    5. Betting logs: To be effective with the strategy of managing your capital correctly, it is important to keep track. You must know on what date you deposited that amount of money in the bookmaker.
    7. Also, how much you invested or bet and how long the capital lasted. Likewise, you should observe the profits obtained and how long you managed to multiply the money. In addition, you should know how you did it. If what you have done has only resulted in losses, you should quickly change the strategy.
    9. On the other hand, if you have seen profits, try to perfect your moves and continue winning. Don't be in a hurry, knowing what your strategies will be can take a long time. This way, you will be able to identify what your strengths or weaknesses are. Over time, you will have a complete record that will help you become a better bettor.
    11. Carefully analyze each move and don't get excited: Bettors enjoy and get excited about sporting events. Especially those where they have bet their money hoping for a win. However, emotion is a great enemy when it comes to placing a bet on a certain sport. It is important that you do not get carried away by some premonition, or by what a fellow bettor tells you. It is necessary to take the reins and analyze the situation with your head.
    13. That way, the bettor can decide without emotions, but with strategies. Bettors should focus on looking for the advantages. They should look for those benefits that they can obtain from their strategies, in whichever bookmaker they decide to play. Remember that betting sites are biased in their own favor, not the players. But it is up to each one to achieve success.
    15. Therefore, making bad decisions guided by emotions is not at all advisable. Always maintain focus and discipline. Once you place your bet, enjoy the match or the sporting event.
    17. Register at different bookmakers: This is one of the most successful strategies. Because by registering with different sites, you can get better chances to win. Each online betting platform is different, and they offer certain benefits and odds to players.
    19. Therefore, you should analyze which are the best bookmakers and register. The ideal is not to miss any good opportunity to win, and if you have several options your odds will grow.

It is not enough just to choose a certain player, but the bettor must study him. It is necessary to know his playing history. Likewise, it is important to assess their last matches and what was their performance.


Expert bettors usually have good strategies. Beginners should observe how they do it and imitate the positive results. In that sense, there are some strategies that can be useful when starting with betting. Also for professionals.

Many times professionals, no matter how much practice they have, emotion plays a role that makes them make mistakes.

For the best bookmarks, visit FUN88 and bet on the best teams during the World Football Cup.

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